Friday, 17 February 2017


you stand there staring ... into light
anticipation waiting, to ignite

b o r d e r l i n e s

there are the prisons we choose to live inside
and then there the prisons that choose us

we grow up in both, so we now know
what separates one, from the other

either way
it's a lonely place
with not many people - well real people
a cold place - the food is bad

not a lot of love

I survived because
in the end

life wins
a new plan
presents itself

every time 

realigning our reason
calibrating our curricula
building new bridges
tearing down
old ones

been here - done this

trying to remember what it was like 
staying true to form - action affirmation - shaking
in this moment of 

one metal gate closes behind 
and a second opens
in front

stepping through it
 free again

barbed wire and electric fencing
it's part of my past


letting the sun in 
just for a minute, then two - then ten
appraising the potential

where do we go, from here? right
look up

squinting and feeling the warmth on my face
for the first time in months
thankful for this

no one waiting - never is

this world keeps spinning us around
and I may never touch

the ground 

 it's what I remember about you
always afraid to look back

now I understand why

b o r d e r l i n e s

as we look out into what's old
another mystery untold

another newborn star 
will shine


Saturday, 21 January 2017

wondering of you


 the assumption that one has a right to something
 that others don't ... hint, whispering

(It's why we kill each other)

w o n d e r i n g   o f   y o u


There's a family in Kolkata India
and they travel 12 miles every day 
to get 2 buckets of water
They take turns 
carrying them
because it 

Meanwhile it's Christmas in America
and Donny is throwing a temper tantrum
because he didn't get a Kylo Ren light saber
knowing his friend Jason got one
"THIS is bullshit"!

"Calm down Donny!  Jesus!!
We can get you one tomorrow"
on Boxing day

"but there's NONE LEFT!  Idiot"

She's wondering if he knows yet
that none of this is real

Just a dream 

Fixing his favourite breakfast
chocolate chip pancakes and bacon
with real maple syrup
Donny's fave

"Santa probably just forgot that one"
she quips, smiling as she flips a bitch
"strawberry jam or grape jelly?"

Grape jelly - daa 
"Don't you know anything"? 

Finding out the following year
that Santa's not real
and that's that

Ok, I already knew but played along
milking it for all I could

More kewl shit


Nothing makes sense
when everyone lies all the time
It's like you have to lie too
just to fit in

Something is supposed to happen here, something real
I can feel it - something BIG - NO
(or in whatever language
you understand)

You don't belong here
I didn't invite you
over for supper

Because I gotta work for a living
Up at 5am again and you coming here
and taking what doesn't belong to you

just pisses me off


Years pass

I get time and a half when I work weekends
that's $42/hr and I'm doing ok - come home 
beers, news on TV - same horseshit

Ok, why IS it
that we always have to keep
looking over our shoulder
all the time?

ya - billyBONG me Bobby
These people don't deserve to live
I need to check out for a few hours
Gotta eat first 
Deciding if I'll have chicken or beef tonight
Maybe I'll just order a pizza and pull my pud to porn
Choke the chicken - beat my meat - jack my johnson

but wait!  Maybe hope arrives YES!

w o n d e r i n g   o f   y o u


My guy is IN!
Stick that in yer pipe and smoke it
You lazy Liberal lackies
stupid, sorry ass sympathizers
(Donny is screaming at his 60' LCD)  
"He's going to fix this shit yo
because it's fucked up"

"Oh and my cut?  Needs to be renegotiated ASAP.  Do it.  Just SAY IT" !

 "You're FIRED"!  Nice ...
Just what I need!  You sir, are just the right man
for the job


So yeah, fuck you motherfucker
We're going to drain the swamp - (whatever that means)
Images of black snakes and slippery sly-suckers surfacing
in brown mud 

Simple; it means we're going to clean out all the vermin vomit
that stinks up our glorious God fearing country and

We are gonna
make America GREAT again!

It doesn't matter
or does it?

"you can control your children 
through threats and punishments 
and they will learn to fear

or you can love and guide 
without controlling or interfering 
and they will learn to trust themselves"

William Martin - The Parent's Tao Te Ching



Friday, 11 November 2016

Hillary Hater

"America is not ready to give a woman that much power"

On November 9th, 2016; the day after the recent Presidential election in the U.S. 
I posted a Facebook post that said  

"Hillary's biggest fault is that she is a woman"


I was deeply saddened by America's decision to elect Donald Trump and it's clear to me now that whatever progress has been made by Barack Obama in his 8 years in the chair; will be flushed down the toilet by a new Republican guard and that everyone will suffer.

It's a splintered political party recreated in turmoil, greed, back-stabbing chaos and moronic malevolence - that fundamentally has no interest in "making America great again", but more-so segregating and dividing the nation (the world).  Now his electorate eagerly anticipates action on all his promises, like children whose parents promised them ice-cream after Sunday school ... particularly the big six: The Wall, Lock Up Hillary, Deport the Illegals, Seal off America to Muslims, Repeal Obamacare, and force companies to Bring Back Those Jobs from Overseas (Trump's signature clothing line is made in China - ah what does that tell you)?  Let the games begin!  Beyond all this, it is also clear to me that sexism was a very real part of the outcome and that yes, Hillary lost for one BIG reason, the biggest of them all ...

Because she is a woman.

The Facebook post brought about mostly agreement (by about 9 women and 3 men who 'liked' my post) but it also brought about a severe reaction - specifically amongst certain men who vehemently disagreed with my position with a myriad of real facts about what's real  here. 

I posted it knowing that there would be disagreement (even welcoming it); points of view that could bring about insight into human nature and why?  I wasn't expecting the anger though.


It became very obvious to me as the thread unfolded and they piously pounded their vapid assertions; that they (like millions of others) righteously HATE Hillary Clinton and were clearly enjoying her demise - callously orchestrated by Donald Trump (who they say they didn't like either BUT quietly favoured him regardless).  Realizing I was tapping into a bigger picture.

For me, her loss has really very little to do with her many improprieties - her lies, manipulation and questionable ethics.  Her flagrant disregard for communication protocols or even her own malignant agenda - that yes, were even unacceptable to me (even though he is guilty of all of the above X 10 - irrelevant/doesn't matter)!  "Stick to the point", one guy "friend" sternly told me (like I'm being redirected to stay focused).  Well, this IS my point!  It's called hypocrisy.   

No it became painfully evident, that just by throwing the gender card out there, that there was/is a hidden agenda at play which boils down to this: People, even FB friends (men and women) in North America (by and large), hate Hillary Clinton because she is a woman ...

Who wants way more than she deserves


You see, there are certain women who look right and others who don't.  My theory is that if you're going to be an influential woman in America; particularly one who wants to be in a position of power, you still need to look and act a certain way or else you simply won't be taken seriously.  Hillary didn't fit, not pretty anymore (if ever), that forced/calculated smile, those ugly fucking pant-suits (hiding her fat ass) and that harsh/scratchy voice - ok, those disgusting glasses she wears.  What's up with her (old woman) hair?  Yuk  ... not a chance.  

Ok, I'm thinking - like totally ... a professional make-over?  Is long overdue.

Now Melania?  Ok, now we're talkin'!  Even women themselves, after having seen what he can do/say unapologetically; relentlessly criticizing them because they're fat or ugly or speak up when they should just shut up?  Doesn't matter. Tens of millions of them still want Donald in the oval office over Hillary - why?  Because he fits their idea of what a person looks like - who has that kind of power and control in America and I mean OMG!  She is a princess!

What I learned from this is that Trump tapped into America's unexposed underbelly - and its (his) underlying hatred of women - especially those who think they can just step up and be President of the United States and that ultimately?  "Nasty" women get what they deserve.  For me, this election revealed what had been submerged/suppressed - now clearly visible.
Misogynists are just fine by Americans
Women in POWER are not

and most American women
are ok with that 

Don't get me wrong
misinterpret me

Maybe President Trump is a good thing
because it allows us to see 
what's really going on
so we can

fix it

H  I  L  L  A  R  Y    H  A  T  E  R

For now and most importantly
it is collectively decided
that Hillary is not qualified for the job
but Donald is

Something we need to respect
and so in closing

For all you Hillary haters out there
who stand by all your logical conclusions

Having meticulously categorized all your complaints
in nice neat little boxes (with your jabbering justifications)
that can be passed down and around to all those
who share your convictions?

It's your anger - that gives you away